The Secret of Healthy Fish Consumption

Preparing a meal for your family is more than just assembling a few interesting ingredients and cooking those for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s more than just filling your children’s stomach when they are hungry.

Fresh food, nutrition and the source of the ingredients you use are also crucial factors of a healthy lifestyle to ensure a disease-free existence.

What Does “Wholesome” Imply?

Wholesome implies natural. As found in nature, in its primary state. This means that no artificial additives, chemical pesticides, hormones, or genetic engineering has been done with that food product.

One sure-shot way of ensuring chemical-free food is to consume only the locally-produced products that haven’t travelled long distances to reach your table. Consuming more of locally-grown food is not only good for the environment and the region’s economy it’s also great for your health.

Fichmu’s catchphrase, We Deliver Fresh is wrapped around this magic mantra: From procurement to delivery, we ensure that our fish products are 100% fresh and delivered to the customer’s door in the shortest possible span.

Three Tips On Eating Healthy Fish and Seafood

Here are three, quick tips on seafood consumption that are guaranteed to protect your heart, grow your brain and get a slimmer waistline:

Put fish on your weekly menu. Add it to your' grocery list as you do your routine greens and grocery items. Buy from a trusted supplier and read the label carefully.

Try different recipes. Keeps trying our newer recipes to tickle and excite your family’s taste buds.

Replace fish in favorite recipe for more protein.  Fish are the richest source of proteins and Omega 3 oils, required for brain growth in young children and elderly alike. Start replacing potato or chicken in burgers, and egg in sandwiches with sautéed for a healthier alternative. You can easily replace chicken with fish in popular Spanish fare of Tacos and quesadillas too, and make it lip-smacking delicious with a variety of dips and sauces, served with multigrain or pita bread.

Eat fresh. Eat fish.