Making Responsible Seafood Choices

When you are booking your seafood online with Fichmu, you can rest assured of the quality

Did you know that nine out of every ten creatures on earth live in the ocean? That is why our mighty oceans and seas are so important to our survival and sustenance.

However do you know what Sustainable seafood means?

We talk a lot about sustainability at Fichmu because it’s in our organisational DNA. Sustainability is a part of our seafood processing – where we source our fish from, how we gut it, how we clean, wash, pack and transport it, while ensuring that you get the doorstep delivery upon ordering it.

Sustainability is a responsible choice that Fichmu makes on behalf of its customers – i.e. you. You can also choose to support Sustainability in the kind of sea food choices that you make. This article will explain how. 

We once used to think that because 70% of planet earth’s surface is made up of water, we have an infinite resource of sea food - if we need fish, we just have to go and catch it! But mass exploitation is making some species of sea food extinct. The Bluefin Tuna, for instance, has been fished to near extinction due to high demand at Chef’s tables across the world. The disappearance of one species can disturb the whole food chain. Such imbalances in the food chain need to be avoided. 

It’s about making responsible seafood choices and consuming fish that is sourced in the most sustainable manner possible. Making a promise to yourself to eat only sustainable seafood can ensure that there will always be plenty of safe, healthy seafood options available to everybody on the planet for generations to come.

As a responsible seafood consumer, you too can contribute to Seafood Sustainability by: 

Consuming more variety in your seafood

Try cooking and sampling a large variety of sustainable fish and seafood. It’s good to spread the load of our fish eating onto many different types of fish, and not just limit our palette to a limited few varieties.

Support retailers that supply fresh and follow transparent sourcing methods

Fichmu for instance, makes the same day delivery of the catch caught fresh at the small trawlers. Book your supplies of seafood online and have it delivered to your door.

Learn more about the fish you eat

Browse our site extensively to learn more about the habitat of the fishes you eat. You will discover interesting facts, the numerous health benefits of each and would perhaps be tempted to make responsible choices in your seafood eating habits and be inspired to introduce more variety on your dining table. 

If in doubt, check with your supplier

We are just a click away or pick up the phone or shoot us an email with any query on any kind of seafood and as with our deliveries, we would be very prompt with our answer to your query to.