Fichmu Easy Masaledar Chicken Leg Recipe


No matter what day it is, a plate of succulent and delicious chicken legs coated with flavorful spices is always there to do wonders both for your taste buds and stomach.





Few Dried Red Chillies soaked in lukewarm water















A simple marinade consisting of the above ingredients, makes an absolutely Masaledar and tasty chicken side dish, perfect for any meal. Using fresh and tender chicken legs ordered online from Fichmu made the dish 10 times more tastier and healthier for consumption as Fichmu delivers fresh, hygienic, antibiotic-free, and hormone free chicken right at your doorstep.These beautifully pan-roasted masaledar chicken legs can be cooked for any occasion, be it your guests or relatives coming over, or if you're simply craving for something appetizing and healthy to eat at home.



A perfect dish that can be cooked instantly if you have surprise guests over and you're running out of time. These tender and juicy chicken legs, coated with flavorful spices, garnished with fresh coriander leaves on top is something that we all need to please our taste buds.



Now, there are zero chances of you worrying about the quality of chicken being served to you just in case you order Chicken online as Fichmu offers completely hygienic, freshly cut and tender, antibiotic free and hormone free chicken. All you have to do is cook it in your own unique ways and enjoy a hearty non-vegetarian meal.


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