About Us

Who Are We?

Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, we are an ecommerce platform that delivers the freshest of catch - fish and seafood --- from the dock to your door step and Chicken directly from the farms. All you have to do is punch a key on your mobile or laptop and we will have it delivered the same anywhere in Navi Mumbai. At present we have started our services for few pin codes in Mumbai and very soon we would extend it to all other pin codes in Mumbai.

Normally, the fish that you order from supermarkets is frozen and preserved for many days with the heavy use of preservatives. It’s thus stale and sometimes tastes foul. At Fichmu, you just have to order your fish and chicken requirement online and we will deliver it fresh. We follow stringent quality checks at every stage of processing. Our fish and chicken are therefore highly nutritious, wholesome, safe and healthy for consumption.

Fresh delivery of fish and seafood is not something we learnt at a management school. We learnt it straight from the tradesmen, and from centuries old practices, when there were no deep freezers, and when fish was always consumed fresh from the dock to the degchi. That fish carried maximum health benefits.

Fichmu has put in place a similar mechanism, a quick delivery supply chain that provides one of the fastest routes to fish and seafood consumption, while complying with the highest standards in sustainably, transportation and packaging.

At Fichmu, we know that fish is one of the most perishable food products. It has limited shelf life and that too if it’s maintained at the right temperature, i.e. between 0-4°C. Therefore, while the tendency of the unorganized retailers is to preserve it longer with the use of chemicals and other artificial substances, which may be harmful to your family’s health.

At Fichmu we focus more on efficient delivery so that the fresh fish and chicken reaches your kitchen table in the shortest possible span.

At Fichmu, we don’t use chemicals or preservatives. Instead we work very hard on our science-based, handling techniques, on our washing, transportation and packaging to make you a super-fast delivery.

You can make out the difference in our food product itself – in its firm texture, vibrant colour, no odour and succulent taste. In all these attributes and more, the quality of Fichmu fish and chicken is unmatched. It’s fresh, delicious, safe and above all, healthy. The best part is you can order your seafood and chicken from the convenience of your home or office and we will have it home delivered.

As a process-led company, we make it our business to bring you the safest and most-incredibly flavor seafood and chicken, loaded with proteins, minerals and Omega 3 benefits.

Why Us?

There are several reasons, we enumerate a few

We deliver daily catch, fresh from the dock, no matter where you are

We specialize in wild-caught Indian fish varieties

In processing, we use the safest pair of hands

We have The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) accreditation under our belt

We claim watertight traceability at every point in our supply chain

We use state-of the-art temperature- controlled vans for transportation.

A Few Fish-Related Facts

The Fisheries sector contributes 1.2% to the national GDP and 5.3% to the agricultural GDP of the country.

To ensure that only the best quality fish reaches your tables, make sure that your supplier uses safe technologies and processes in a hygienic environment.

The physical, chemical and bacteriological characteristics of stale fish often get masked by the extra use of spices and seasonings, leading to food poisoning, which is why it’s important to be careful about where you buy your fish from.

Fresh fish will have a shining, iridescent surface with a transparent, thinly spread slime. It will also have protruding eyes, a jet-black pupil and a transparent cornea. Its gills will however be free from slime.

The meat of fresh fish will always be soft and flabby. It will retain finger indentations, when touched

The odour of the fish will be pleasant and weedy

Stale fish can be made out from its thick, turbid and lumpy appearance, as the slime turns yellow or brown, the eyes sink in. The fish has cloudy, milky pupil with opaque cornea. The gills are also bleached, light pink and dull in appearance